About my self


I was born in 1984 in Czechoslovakia. I studied theatre direction in Brno at Janacek Academy of music and performing arts.

Many of my dreams have come true.

There is only one dream left ani it is a dream sbout my John Clown. This character is created of my faults and pleasure from my life. John Clown shows them. All good Clowns enjoy emperfection. I wout to be imperfect full of pleasure.

Writer, director and clown.

He works for Clowndoctors in Slovakia.

He cooperates with the National Art Radio.

She leads the independent Gasparego Theater.

He founded a clown laboratory Champ de tension. 

Founder of the Diera do sveta -  Cultural Center.

O mne:

Ján Mikuš (John Clown)


Narodil som sa v roku 1984 v Československu. Vyštudoval som divadelnú réžiu na JAMU v Brne.

Splnil som si už mnohé sny. Zostáva iba sen po mojom klaunovi.

John Clown je systém mojich prehier a mojich radostí zo života a hlavne môjho šťastného života.